What We Do

PACSDrive is a DICOM storage and disaster recovery solution.


CD/DVD Backups are unreliable and a hassle to maintain offsite. PACSDrive makes it easy.

Our Customers

Our customers include dentists, orthopedists, obstetricians, veterinarians, and chiropractors. We are tailored to serve small and medium sized healthcare facilities.

“Absolutely dig your solution.” Ron Sweeney » DRadSystem
“Great solution for my dental practice.” Dr. Phillip Murray, DDS

Simplifying DICOM Backups

Easy setup, no setup fees, no new hardware required. Secure, cloud-based DICOM storage that stores your patient imaging safely offsite.

  • Security and Encryption

    We use industry-standard encryption to keep your data secure. All patient data transmitted to PACSDrive is sent and stored encrypted.

  • Fault-tolerant and Safe

    We utilize fault tolerant datastores with geographic diversity to insure against data loss or corruption.

  • DICOM Storage

    PACSDrive is a vendor neutral DICOM archive. Plug into your existing imaging system and begin archiving in minutes.

  • Cost Effective

    Our core customers are small and medium sized healthcare providers. We offer backup solutions at an affordable monthly fee so you can focus on your patients.

  • HIPAA Requirements

    Cost effective and easy disaster recovery solution that protects your practice from catastrophic data loss.

  • Scalable

    We grow automatically to meet the demands of your practice. Your storage capacity can be increased or decreased at will.

  • No New Hardware

    PACSDrive works without the need for any new hardware. Install our software on your machine and begin archiving in minutes.

  • Web Access

    You can access your account online. Search for patients, restore images, or update your billing with ease.